Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update on Curse, Death and a Stolen Bicycle...

As David and Dennis arrived at Wandera's place in the afternoon on Wednesday, it was obvious that the family was still a wreck. Wandera's father, as well as three of his sisters were still at the home, all asking the same question- "Why?"

The day before Wandera and his sisters gathered around the father to ask him why this thing was happening, not just to Wandera, but the the family as a whole. You see, not only had the baby and his own daughter died, but the same type of death was happening throughout the family. His father, though old, has young children, a few who within the past few years have died a similar death. They wanted to know what the father had done to bring this curse on their family. His father dodged the questions. Wandera's wife had enough of THIS family and had decided to leave Wandera for good, figuring it would be better to be back in her parents' house then to watch her other children die a similar death over the years to come. That is when our guys came and found the family sitting around Wandera's house.

The family greeted David and Dennis very warmly, receiving them as true guests. They sat around and talked for some time before the two began asking specific questions related to the death and the family. After some time, the true question surfaced once again- WHY? And out came all that I wrote above. Wandera admitted that his wife had been involved in witchcraft, and that at first things seemed to get better, but now it had come to this- death.

As David and Dennis spoke the truth of the Gospel to them, that Jesus died to set them free from sin, free from fear of death, and free from slavery to Satan, they all listened very attentively. They spoke of the spiral of witchcraft and the ensnarement it brings, the deception that holds its powerful sway over people and the bondage that results. They spoke of the hope that only comes through Jesus, and many other words of truth. Then they prayed for the family, prayed over the house, and prayed for the Spirit of God to bring them to understand their words. The wife of Wandera was so moved by the men and their "talk" that she decided not to leave, and told them that she would remain with the family now that she felt some hope.

Wandera has yet to turn to follow Jesus, but he is being pursued, he and his family. We were able to raise enough money to buy him a new bicycle so that he doesn't have to walk the almost 4 miles to work each day. He was ecstatic! Please continue to pray for this young man and his family, that the power of the Gospel would transform their lives and set them free from the bondage to sin, death, and Satan that keeps them in a constant state of fear.


steve said...


Steve Agosto here!

Thanks for sharing this story. I will be praying for Wandera and his family.

Our God is greater!

Keith said...

Thanks Steve- I appreciate your heart for New Hope and your prayers for us as we serve here!

Brett Keefer said...

Thank you for the moving updates from your ministry in Uganda. We will pray for you tomorrow in class. God's grace is more than enough to meet all our needs. We are enjoying time here at our church this week with missionaries to Zambia and Mozambique.

Keith said...
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Keith said...

Thanks Brett! I'm thankful for your love for us and prayers on our behalf! Greet the Zambian with a hardy "Mwaooka Bwanji" (good morning). I hope to get back to Zambia some day!