Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rethinking Orphan Ministry- Introduction

I have been involved with orphan ministry and visited or read multitudes of literature of various orphan ministries or those seeking to partner and work with orphan ministries to know that we as a people (and I'm speaking mainly of Christians) need to do some serious rethinking about orphan ministry, both those caring for orphans and those partnering or supporting.

My family and I are preparing to head back to the US for a 6 month leave, and in that time I hope to put much of what is in my head into writing (as well as on this blog). But first, I would really like some feedback from each person who reads this. Please help me with the following questions:

1. What issues do YOU think need to be carefully thought through by those who are working HANDS ON with orphans? Why? (i.e. Vision statement, cross-cultural baggage, etc.)

2. What issues do you think need to be addressed by those seeking to support/send teams/partner, etc. with ministries caring for orphans. (i.e. cross-cultural baggage, etc.)

And I guess finally, is there anything specific that you'd like to see this blog address on this topic.

I'm going to wait a good month or more before taking this up again, mainly in hopes that some of you will take the time to think on these things and answer, and also because our family will need some time to transition cultures!

Looking forward to taking this one up.