Friday, January 25, 2008

Listen in to the orphan heart

Hey guys, here are some links to some talks I've done on the orphan heart. If you've been reading some of what I've written you'll see some obvious overlap. If you haven't, then no worries either.

The first was a sermon given at Grace Community Chapel (it's their podcast website) and the other two were me sitting down at Shoney's with my buddie Moles who is the pastor of that church. Feedback is most welcome!


Aaron said...

I listened to you and Chris! It sounded good man but I had a hard time focusing because I just thought of Chris' face the whole time. Anyway good job man!


Keith said...

Thanks man! Glad to know you're checking in on me! Can't wait to talk to you.

Amanda said...

Hi Keith!
I shared your messages with our new team who is going back to Uganda this December! :) THanks to you and Paul, we are now taking quarterly trips there...They will be in Uganda from 12/31 until 1/5. If you think they could come visit one day, just let me know! Thanks for all you have done!!!